Meeting and Greeting Celebrity Actors

These are the different ways to see or meet a featured guest at Anime El Paso.


Actors participate in panels* at the show, which are included in your ticket purchase giving you a chance to hear your favorite feature guest speak without any additional cost! Many take questions from the audience during their panel and some will even jump into the audience themselves! A line will form at a microphone in the center aisle if the actor starts taking audience questions. Actors rarely have more than one panel for the weekend even if they attend multiple days, so be sure to not miss out.

The Main Featured Guest Panels are in Juarez Panel Room, located just off the Main Lobby.

*Seating is not guaranteed due to room capacity limits, and we do not clear the room between panels.


Purchasing an autograph gives you the chance to meet a featured guest and have a quick chat with them. Almost all featured guests have a fee for autographs and the fee is typically for one autograph only (you may purchase additional autographs at their listed price). You can generally bring your own item to have signed or choose from a printed photo that most featured guests have available (this printed photo is included in the price of the autograph). Your family or friends can typically join you in line as you meet an actor for an autograph.

All featured guests are located in the Exhibit Hall in Celebrity Row.


Some featured guests will offer selfies with them at their autograph table during their autograph sessions for an additional fee. These selfies are taken on your phone and there are usually Talent Assistants around to help take the photo for you.


You might be able to say hello to a featured guest without buying anything, but not all of them have the time to do so. Just ask the Anime El Paso member at the end of the autograph line if you can get in line to say hi. Please understand that if the line is long this opportunity may be limited or not available.